Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Progress of the Game

Based on the size and weight, we have decided to use checkers as game pieces to flick off the pizza box. One team will have red checkers to represent their topping as a pepperoni slice. The other team will have sausage slices as their topping, and the checkers will be spray painted accordingly. The goal of the game is a race to the finish and the theme we've applied is two rival pizzerias racing to complete a pizza pie from creation to delivery. Each side of the 4 sided board represents a different stage of the process. Each of the sides will have one themed tile that relates to the actions going on on that side. That specific themed tile will have a little bit more severe consequences than the others. We went over the specific actions that can occur on each of the regular action tiles. We decided to incorporate a penalty action tile that allows your opponent to move you backwards depending on how many toppings they can land, as opposed to simply being told to move back 4 spaces. We realized that there needs to be a direct relationship between the number of specific action tiles, and the amount of "bites" that may be taken out of one's pizza slice. We realized that we need to begin testing the game very soon because it seems the best way to decide how many of the tiles will be "action tiles" is to just play the game and see how long it takes. We are going to test how easy it is to shoot the "toppings" in order to decide 2 things. First, we want to see what size the pizza slice that you're landing on needs to be, and secondly, we want to see how quickly it is possible to move around the game board. We also decided that the rule book will be printed in the form of a menu.


  1. looks like we're gonna have to set up this game sometime soon to test it out.

  2. I discourage the idea of "spray painting." Can you locate game pieces on the internet that would be most appropriate -- maybe even sausage slices and pepperoni? Or at least checkers of the right colors?