Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The First Game

We played the first game today in class after setting up the first hard playable copy of our game. We played one game as a group and started to realize that the shape of the pie wasn't very accurate since most of the pieces landed very close to the shooting area and not many landed farther from the back. We re ordered our felt pieces to the shape of a rough triangle, and that is the shape that our first players used. The ratio of action tiles to blank tiles seems to be a good mixture, however there were not as many bites/slices taken out of each players pie as we had expected. The approximate game time seems to be a good length and the amount of tiles that must be moved also seems to be a good amount. The following ideas came to mind:
• do the players decide which bite goes back into their pie when they land on the action tile?
• "one extra shot" action tile is better used right after landing on it (?)
• add an ability to skip a turn and get a bite put back, or another way of earning bites back instead of just chance
• add more opportunities to lose bites since the maximum amount of slices that were missing at any moment was 2 out of 9. Perhaps by making landing on a fly action tile giving you the ability to shoot 2 flies, but at the same time making more opportunities to earn them back
• possibly give one player the option of switching shooting zones and pies during game play
• find a more secure way of locking the ramp in place than using paper clips since they get progressively weaker and cause the box to pop up, blocking certain shots.

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