Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Rules

“Sicilian Shoot Out”

To flick, and successfully land as many of your toppings onto your half of the pie every turn, in order to move around the board one full rotation from start to finish fastest. The winner is the player who reaches the finish first.

Players: 2

Game Pieces
Each player will be given 5 of their own “toppings” which they will keep throughout the entire game, and one token, which they will move around the board each turn. In addition to the toppings there are 2 “flies” which are not claimed by either player for the entire length of the game, but are only utilized when a player lands on the appropriate “action tile”.

How to Play
Movement of the token piece is determined by however many of your toppings you can successfully land onto your half of the Sicilian pie. The pie that each player must land on in order for their topping to count as a movement is the one that is directly in front of them. The toppings are to be flicked from the base of the shooting zone which is marked, and divided down the middle. Toppings can be flicked from anywhere within the designated shooting area. Each topping that lands on the pie corresponds to one movement of the token.

1. The first player is determined by a shoot out. Each player gets their 5 toppings and shoots at the same time. Whoever lands the most of their 5 pieces on their pie gets to go first.
2. Each player will alternate shooting all 5 of their pieces and moving the corresponding amount of spaces with their token. If they land on an action tile, the action will be taken immediately before the next player has their turn to shoot. Before the next player shoots their toppings, the previous must clear theirs off the pie and game board.
3. Around the board, there are the previously mentioned action tiles. Written on the action tile is a description of what the consequences are for landing on it. Consequences can be good or bad for you or your opponent.
Action Tiles:
Fly piece: When a player lands on a “one free fly piece” tile, that player has the opportunity to shoot a fly piece from their shooting area to their opponents pie. Whatever slice the fly lands on on the opponents pie will be removed, thus shrinking that players pie. The fly piece must be entirely on the pizza, and if it borders on several slices, the owner of the pie (not the shooter) may choose which one is removed.
One Slice Back: If a player lands on this tile, and they are missing a slice from their pie, they can replace it immediately. If they have no missing slices, then there is no action taken.
One Less Topping: When a player lands on this action tile, for their next turn, they will only shoot 4 out of their 5 toppings. This is only effective for the following turn, and then the normal amount of 5 toppings is resumed.
One More Topping: When a player lands on this action tile, for their next turn, they will shoot their original 5 toppings, move however many spaces they land, and then immediately re-shoot one more topping.
• One Less Topping for your Opponent: When a player lands on this action tile, when their opponent shoots next, they may only shoot 4 out of their 5 toppings. This is only effective for that turn, and then the normal amount of 5 toppings is resumed.
Opponent Decides Your Fate: When player “a” lands on this action tile, player “b” has the ability to move them backwards. Immediately after landing, player “b” can shoot all 5 of their toppings, aiming for player “a”s pie. Player “a” will immediately move back however many spaces as player “b” lands on the pie.

Other Rules
o In order for a topping to count for a movement around the board, it must be at least half on the pie.
o If a player lands all 5 of their toppings in one turn, their opponent must move back 1 space.
o If a player moves backwards and lands on an action tile, no action is taken.
o A players pie can not shrink down to less than 1 piece at any time.
o If a player knocks one of their own toppings off of their pie, that topping does not count. Only however many toppings remain after the last topping is shot count.
o If the topping doesn’t clear the launching zone, that topping can not be re-shot.

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